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D2D-ROULETTE.COM – is the DOTA 2 roulette with a Classic, Low, Fast and Coinflip room's for beginners and more experienced players. For those, who like fair game without cheating.

We can guarantee the honesty of each game and twist. We use Random.org as independent winners generator and we cannot influence on the results.
The participants contribute DOTA 2 items (skins). The winner is determined randomly in 90 seconds and gets all the items. We highly recommend you to read roulette rules before starting the game.


Total Entries: 0/50
Item cost:
Level Steam: 3
For participation: One game per week
Last Winner

Missing Win:

COINFLIP room did not pass our expected test to bypass bans bot acc's. Alas, we are forced to announce that the room will operate in the "fear and risk" mode of players and users of the D2D site in Coinflip mode.
For obvious reasons, we are not Steam and cannot draw skins from scratch, we cannot return items from blocked account's. We decided that we would not be indifferent and would solve the issue with the bans in games that were played for a sum of no more than 10,000 rubles.

What does it mean? More detailed info

    If you play in the game for more than 10 thousand rubles - you play at your own risk, and in the case of ban's bots your skins - will not be returned. If you play in the game for less than 9.9K rubles (2 players for ~4.9K rubles) - you play in the safe range and in the case of ban's bots we will refund you the amount of your bet in this game. (info. rules). Games with a high bank (>10K rubles) cannot be returned physically.