Roulette Dota 2 without cheating! Fair game with Random.Org
- What is "Random.Org"?
  1. Random.Org - this is independent random number generator service, working with the 1998 year.
  2. Full information can be found on the Wikipedia page:
- The principle of operation of roulette using "Random.Org"
  1. Winner selection occurs through an independent platform - Random.Org
  2. We cannot influence the outcome of the game and can easily prove that each our game held honestly.
- On your roulette no Hash - this is legal?
  1. And you sure are competent in this? If you have a question, then you clearly do not understand the system and simply believe dubious sources of information.
  2. Roulette provide hash, whose random based on so-called ' among the round '. Neither the Youtuber's or the Administration does not suggest that these roulette not fully honest, as you can set this number before the round and put under it, getting an advantage over other players.
  3. Our roulette works by using a third-party service It guarantees the correctness and integrity of results, and there is no hash because hash. We don't have the number of rounds, which can be manipulated and learn in advance, influencing the outcome of the game.
- How to check the results of games on honesty and compare data?
  1. The outcome of each game is fixed as our site and site "RandomOrg".
  2. Any game you can easily check on the honesty, to do this, simply click the "check" (buttons are displayed at the end of the game, so you can find them in the history of the games).
  3. By clicking, you will be redirected to the site "RandomOrg", where will be shown the number of the victorious ticket, its creation time (UTC/Moscow = UTC +3) and the total number of tickets.
In a couple words how you select the winner: