Before you start panicing and freaking out on certain issues, please, read frequently asked questions, they might help you.

When I win, it`s said "send error" game by game. What should I do?
- Make sure you enter the correct exchange link. Perhaps you updated it on Steam and not replaced on the site. And also, check your Steam profile out if it is open to everyone.

After the winning, I did not receive all the items I saw in the game.
- Do not forget about the commission. Absolutely any skin could go as a per cent of the site.

What to do when I won? How to get profits on roulette?
- Exchanges come automatically within 20-120 seconds after your winning.

I have made a bet, but the items did not appear in the game.
- Firstly, wait and check if they did not go to the next game or to the every other game. Then, make sure that Bot accepted the exchange.

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