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We use fixed prices for some rare items. Protection from fake prices of skins.

Friends, in order to avoid abusive bets and attempts to deliver items with an invalid price (fake price), we made this page, where everyone can find out the price on the site, on such items as: Dragonclaw Hook, Unusual Baby Roshan, Alpine Set and others rare item's.

And also, we want to note that things of quality Corrupted, Heroic и Autographed we will use a special formula for calculating prices, in order to avoid user cheating and attempts to cheat other players through the fake price, this applies only to those things that are very few in the Marketplace Steam.

And of course, we could not pass by the weather effects and made a price for all the fans of the weather skins. You can bet weater effect too. The price for the weather is fixed and varies manually.

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